Step 1: Tools needed for skirting:
Furniture polish,Scissors, wax string or floss, new skirts, lure head of choice.20140225 123816

Step 2: The top skirt should always be put on first or you will be trying to tie around a tangled mess of skirts.
Cut the top of of both the skirts off 1/4" from the neck line where the skirt will be tied to.

20140225 124025


Step 3: Turn the skirts inside out and apply the furniture polish to the neck of the lure head. (Some people

apply it to the skirts but that creates more mess then necessary.)

20140225 124126


Step 4: Using the outside skirt slide it on the tail of the lure head all the way to the second groove. Our necks

are designed to be a snug fit on the skirts so some elbow greese may be necessary.

20140225 124227

Step 5: Now using the wax line firmly wrap 7-10 times around the crease of the skirt onto the groove in the

lure head and finish with a square knot. (The bottom portion of the skirt should be even with the end of the first groove

20140225 124303


Step 6: Repeat step 5 for the underskirt

20140225 124348


Step 7: Now fold both skirts right side in (When you do this you can twist the skirt into the position you like

before the furniture polish dries.)

20140225 124419


Step 8: Once the skirts are pulled down and into position the final step is to trim the tails even. 

20140225 124444


Step 9: GO FISHING! While the instructions are more simple then some you can find it will take some practice to

get used to skirting them perfectly and fast everytime. When you are proficient you can skirt them in under a few

minutes in 4-5 ft seas. If your having problems or need help always remember were just an email or a phone call away.