Super Spread Diagram

trolling set up2


In the designing of my lures I have came to a concise location of the proper baits to proficiently tease/ raise and catch fish. Of course sea conditions, weather, etc will play a role on how many lines you troll or how far back they are set to get the proper action you want but below I will explain how I think this is the most effective method while using your Custom Lure'M In lures.

The first lure in your spread is your boat, The bigger the more commotion it will spread thus attracting game fish. Unless you have an unlimited bank account this factor is usually out of your hands. So the next thing you want to do is perfect your spread to raise pelagics from the deep. This spread can be used for any Mahi Tuna or bill fish troll. Of course if you are targeting that grander you have long sought after you will want to increase the size of your baits specifically on the riggers and short corner. Generally we like to place all chugger style lures, be it a concave face flat face type of head on the outriggers. The upward angle allows the lure to be pulled to the top to gather its air required to make one hell of a bubble trail behind the lure. The dart and slant face lures you want in the water barely touching the surface thus putting them on the corners and flat lines is the best place for them. You can even go as far as rigging up some flat line breakaway clips to the transom to get the line even closer to the water level.

My spread consists of a selection of 5 or 6 lures. 2 on the riggers 2 on the corners, one directly behind the prop wash and an optional Shotgun line. Simple is effective and effective is simple.

The two outrigger lures will be of a larger size then the rest of my spread, out in clear water they will cause the most commotion and thus raise more fish. These lures are chugging type of lures such as a medium Bubbler, Popper or pusher. I also will deploy a daisy chain coupled with a mini or medium weighted lure out in clear water to entice more fish into your spread. This lure you will want to be a weighted lure to hang just below the dancing chain on the surface.

My shorter positions will be smaller in size and general my dart and swimming type of lures. A crazy swim or medium swimmer on the long corner is the most effective. The aggressive action of this lure will attract the fish that are coming up from the deep after seeing your first lure (The boat)

The prop wash lure will consist of the biggest lure in your spread, generally an XL series for a teaser or simply a daisy chain with a medium lure trailing. The motion of the propelled water and bubbles will cause this lure to dance and use the bubbles from your wash to its advantage. 

The Shotgun line I will generally put a small straight running bait such as a mini T or mini B. Contrary to popular belief jet style lures are regarded to be the 'best smoke trail' making lures. This just isn’t the facts. If you think about a lure attempting to make bubbles by its head design all the holes do is reduce drag in the water... If you have a cupped face lure with jets when that lure pops out of the water to gather its needed air to make its trail all that happens when it reenters the water is the air is immediately blown out through your jet holes creating one quick explosion of air and the rest of its journey underwater is bubbles. Our designs on our cupped lures have a deep taper from the frontal geometry to the back on the neck causing a fish like wiggle swim thought the water. The wiggles cause the trapped air to then bleed out into the skirt creating your extremely long bubble trail. Once that air is gone the pressure variance causes that lure to come up for more air and do it all over again.


This spread has worked time over time and will land you more and bigger fish every time. But as everyone knows fishing is fishing. Change it up try new things, and see where you want to stick lures to get action you are looking for. If you have any questions on my Super Spread give us a shout. We will be happy to help. Experiment, have fun, and tight lines!




Capt. Joe